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Photos of Unexpected Hazards Found During Inspections

These are all examples of how important it is to have an inspection done before purchasing a property.

20211227_125948 1.jpg

Disconnected tub drain spewing water into the crawlspace causing a mold issue.


Leaking drain noted. Saturated boards will eventually create mold


Area under front porch beginning to collapse.

3033 Nolencrest Way1_Moment(4).jpg

Missing flashing on roof on a new build. Lack of flashing will cause roof damage.


Subfloor wood rot due to previous water leak that wasn't replaced during bathroom remodel


Cracked shower curb tile. Shower may leak and will need to be remodeled.


Electrical panels in crawlspace are completely soaked due to an active leak above the panels. This is a fire risk and will need to be rectified.

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