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Home Inspection Services Offered

home inspection

General Home Inspection

Starting at $349

Inspection Includes:

  • Visual inspection of the interior, exterior, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roof, and structure

  • 4k drone video of roof, gutters, and chimney if present

  • Thermal infrared scan of interior and exterior of home

  • Natural gas leak detection

  • Carbon monoxide detection

  • Full color report, with video, completed within 24 hours of inspection

  • Comprehensive walkthrough with buyer, seller, and/or agent

  • FREE home maintenance book for 1st time home buyers.

  • Perfect inspection whether you are buying or selling real estate.

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radon test
Radon Testing
Starting at $199

Inspection Includes:

  • 72 hour radon test(longer if needed)

  • Radon report completed on last day of testing

  • Contact information of radon mitigator

Click             for more information from the EPA on radon.
InterNachi certified radon tester
Air B'N'B STRP inspector
STRP Certification
Starting at $149
STRP Certification Includes:
  • An inspection of the property to ensure the property complies with proper Davidson County codes.

  • Validation of floor plans of property

  • An official document certifying that the property complies with proper Davidson County Codes.

  • Document available same day.

mold test

 Mold Inspection

  • Tests include two air samples and a swab which are sent to an accredited lab for analysis. as well as an inspection of the structure in question.

  • A detailed report is compiled consisting of the analysis of the samples

  • Additional areas swabbed at $75 per area

  • Test results typically available in 72 hours
  • Prevent health risks caused by mold spores. Breathing in spores for a prolonged period of time can cause health issues.
Protect your family and test the quality of your air!
InterNachi certified mold inspector

Starting at $299

Bundle Discounts Available!

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Our Quality Guarantee

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new property, or you’re trying to sell your current one, I’m ready to work with you.  If you want to work with the best in Nashville, there’s no need to look any further. My guarantee to you is that I’ll work hard on your behalf to help you secure the best deal possible by inspecting every inch of the property and take as much stress out of the process as I can.

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