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STRP Compliance Inspections in Nashville - Ensuring Your Property Meets Metropolitan Code Standards

Starting at $199!

Hill's Top Home Inspections offers specialized STRP (Short Term Rental Property) inspections in Nashville, TN, ensuring full compliance with the Metropolitan Code of Laws. Our inspection service rigorously checks that your property adheres to the standards set out in § 6.28.030.A.5.b and § 6.28.030.B.5.b. This includes verifying the safety, functionality, and overall condition of the property, ensuring it meets all legal requirements for short-term rentals. Trust our expert team to provide a comprehensive assessment, giving you the peace of mind that your rental property is not only compliant but also safe and welcoming for your guests.

The inspection includes:

  • ​Inspection of the property for compliance to applicable Davidson County codes.

  • Signing off on home owner supplied floor plans after verifying their accuracy. (Floor plans must be of the whole home and also show the position of all smoke detectors.

  • The inspector can provide a floor plan of the property for an extra fee

  • Certificate of completion verifying that the property adheres to the applicable Davidson County codes.

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